Financial System Software/SaaS (RFP# 201920-02)

Request For Proposal (DLAE Funded)
Project ID:  RFP# 201920-02
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Vendor Questionnaire

Proposals should be limited to specific discussion of the elements outlined in this RFP. The intent of this RFP is to encourage responses which meet the stated requirements, and which propose the best methods to accomplish the work within the Scope of Work.

The organization of the proposal should follow the outline below. Each proposal should consist of a technical proposal, proposer's qualifications, and a cost proposal.

Detailed guidance on the content and organization of the Proposals can be found in this section. Required questions are denoted with an asterisk (*).

Proposals should include an itemized list of all electronic documents being provided to SACOG and maintain links to any documents provided on-line through the time of contract award.

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*Response required

The Transmittal Letter should include the name, title, address, phone number, and original signature of an individual with authority to negotiate on behalf of and to contractually bind the consultant or consulting firm, and who may be contacted during the period of proposal evaluation. The letter must also include a statement acknowledging that the consultant or consulting firm has reviewed and accepted SACOG’s Standard Agreement (see attached) with or without qualifications. Only one transmittal letter need be prepared to accompany all copies of the technical and cost proposals.

Table of Contents: this should be a simple list of all the sections of your proposal that has been included in the response sections of this RFP.

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*Response required

Project Understanding: In this section, the proposer should demonstrate an adequate understanding of the role and relationships of SACOG.

Technical Approach: This should include:

  1. A summary of the proposed approach
  2. An explanation of the vendor's intended role as related to the role of SACOG
  3. A thorough explanation of the vendor's proposed course of action. References should be made to RFP requirements in the Scope of Work and the vendor's plans for meeting those requirements. If the vendor proposes major changes to the RFP approach, those changes should be specified clearly. The vendor should specify its technical approach, especially data elements to be sampled, staff to be interviewed, and documents to be reviewed, etc.
  4. An itemized description of the proposed project schedule (including visits, draft and final deliverables) and the deliverables to be produced.

Project Management: The proposer must prepare an explanation of the project management system and practices to be used to assure that the project is completed within the scheduled time frame and that the quality of the required products will meet SACOG’s requirements.

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*Response required

The proposal must describe the nature and outcome of projects previously conducted by the vendor's key personnel which are related to the work described within the RFP. Descriptions should include client contact names, address, phone numbers, descriptions of the type of work performed, approximate dates on which the work was completed, and professional staff who performed the work. If any subcontractors are proposed, two to three similar qualifications and references should be provided for the subcontractor.

Up to two samples of the vendor's work on closely related projects can also be included with the proposal, if available.

Additionally, the proposer must complete the Debarment Certification Form (see Attached).

The proposer must also complete the Levine Act Disclosure Statement (see Attached).

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*Response required

The proposal must describe the qualifications and experience of each professional who will participate in the project, including a resume for each member of the project team. A Project Manager must be designated, and an organizational chart showing the manager and all project staff must be included. A matrix must be presented indicating the effort, either in percentage of the total project or in person-hours, which will be contributed by each professional, during each phase or task making up the project.

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*Response required

The Cost Proposal shall describe both the total and the detailed price for which the consultant will commit to complete the total scope of work and end products. The cost proposal detail shall describe estimated costs (only the total amount is a binding offer) for each professional’s time, for the completion of each proposed task, for travel and per-diem (if applicable), and for materials and supplies. Cost proposals must be submitted in the standard Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual 10-H format.

Failure to provide adequate cost data will result in the proposal rejection as unresponsive.

Each proposer shall also complete and submit with its cost proposal the attached Exhibit 10-K: Consultant Certification of Contract Costs and Financial Management System.

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*Response required

If a subcontractor will be used, the proposer must include a letter from the subcontractor committing to perform at least the work shown for subcontractor professional in the Staffing Resource Matrix mentioned above.

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The proposal must include the following information for the vendor and each subcontractor, as required by 49 CFR Section 26.11(c)(2).

  1. Firm name;
  2. Firm address;
  3. Firm’s status as a DBE or non-DBE;
  4. Age of the firm; and
  5. The annual gross receipts of the firm expressed in one of the following ranges: Less than $500,000; $500,000-$1 million; $1 million-$2 million; $2 million-$5 million; or Over $5 million.

The consultant may satisfy the requirements of this section by completing and submitting the Exhibit referred to as "Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Information", which is attached to the SACOG Standard Agreement (Part A).

Consultant should also complete and submit the attached Exhibit “10-O1” from Chapter 10 of the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual. (see Attached)

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*Response required

Discussion of the vendor's proposed use of DBEs, if any, in the performance of this work, including the following:

  • The names and addresses of DBE firms that will participate.
  • The description of the work each named DBE firm will perform.
  • The dollar amount of participation by each DBE firm.
  • Written documentation of the proposer’s commitment to use the identified DBE firm(s).
  • Written confirmation from the identified DBE firm(s) of its commitment to participate.
  • If this solicitation contains a DBE Contract Goal and that Goal is not met in the proposal, evidence of the proposer’s good faith efforts.

If a DBE contract goal has been established for this contract, Vendors must document adequate good faith efforts to involve DBEs by completing and submitting Exhibit referred to as "Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Information", which is an attachment to Part A (SACOG Standard Agreement). Vendors are also required to complete and submit Exhibit “10-O1” (Local Agency Consultant DBE Commitment). If vendors submitting proposals did not meet the DBE goal, they must complete and submit Exhibit “15-H” (DBE Information – Good Faith Efforts) showing that vendor made adequate good faith efforts to meet the goal. Proposals that do not meet the DBE contract goal or make an adequate good faith effort to meet the DBE contract goal and document adequate good faith efforts shall be considered non-responsive to this RFP.

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*Response required

Consultant’s affirmative action program, if required pursuant to the equal employment opportunity requirements of the U.S. Department of Labor Regulations (41 CFR Part 60, et seq.). These regulations require certain contractors to develop and maintain affirmative action programs, including service contractors (non-construction) with 50 or more employees and a federally assisted contract of $50,000 or more.

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Consultants and consultant firms submitting proposals in response to this RFP must disclose to SACOG any actual, apparent, or potential conflicts of interest that may exist relative to the services to be provided under Agreement for consultant services to be awarded pursuant to this RFP.

If the consultant or firm has no conflict of interest, a statement to that effect shall be included in the proposal.

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If SACOG issues any Addenda for this solicitation, please submit your forms and responses here.

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