Financial System Software/SaaS (RFP# 201920-02)

Request For Proposal (DLAE Funded)
Project ID:  RFP# 201920-02
All dates & times in Pacific Time

Evaluation Process

1. Review Panel

A proposal review panel made up of members of SACOG staff will evaluate the proposals.

2. Technical Evaluation

Upon receipt of the proposals, a technical evaluation will be performed. The review panel will evaluate each proposal in accordance with the criteria listed in the "Evaluation Criteria" section. Proposers may be telephoned and asked for further information, if necessary. Previous clients may also be called.

3. Oral Interviews & Live Demonstrations (Demos)

The review panel shall request oral interviews from the top candidates to provide additional input in the evaluation process. In the oral interview, the candidates will be requested to provide a live demonstration (on-site or a web-hosted teleconference) of their proposed Financial System Software/SaaS, which will be followed by a question and answer period. The panel may question the candidates about their proposed approaches, consistent with the evaluation criteria set forth below. The panel will use each candidate’s interview performance to inform its final scores on the criteria set forth below.

4. Recommendation of Award

The panel will make recommendations to the SACOG Executive Director on the basis of the proposal, oral interview(s) & live demostration(s) when held, and reference check. In determining which proposal is most advantageous, SACOG will award the contract to the proposer whose proposal offers the best value.