Technical Assistance for Rural Main Street Revitalization (RFQ# 201920-05)

Request For Qualification (non-DLAE Funded)
Project ID:  200-003-34 - Rural Downtown/Main Street Planning in the Sacramento Region
All dates & times in Pacific Time

Scope of Work

The scope of work is described below. The selected consultant or consulting team will be expected to perform all technical and other analyses necessary to complete the scope of work. The consultant will receive general direction from the SACOG Project Manager. Tasks and deliverables will include the following:

1. Customized Scope for Each Community

The overall project will assist up to 12 rural communities in the six-county SACOG region. The one to three selected consultant(s) and the Local Government Commission (LGC) will be on an on-call list and assigned on an as-needed basis by SACOG.

As a consultant on the on-call list is assigned to a particular community, they will be asked to participate in a phone call and/or up to one meeting with that community to hear their issues and requested services. The consultant will write up a 1-2 page proposed scope and if all three parties agree (SACOG, local agency, and assigned consultant), that will serve as the scope of work for that community.

The scopes of work will likely fall into these general categories:

  • Working with business and property owners on making their properties/businesses more viable in the context of commercial corridor plans and efforts;
  • Working with the community and stakeholders on a publicly facilitated meeting or workshop to work through ideas, formulate conceptual plans, or work though an existing community design issue on a high level.
  • Inventory existing assets and challengers, and helping the community develop a longer range vision and "roadmap" on how to get there.
  • Review existing streetscape designs for a limited segment of a commercial corridor (such as an intersection or a key block or two) and make conceptual recommendations for improvements that further vitality through improving the pedestrian experience.

Each scope of work will identify the overall objective of the technical assistance, and include roles and responsibilities for each party. The consultant role will include tasks tied to deliverables and a projected completion date within a negotiated budget.

The ultimate goal for many communities seeking technical assistance is to leverage the assistance in this program to craft grant applications, such as SACOG's Community Design Funding Program, that require some upfront planning, engagement, and analysis before applying for a larger sum of funding for streetscape improvements or other activities.